Van Vledder Consulting provides independent and specialized services in the field of wave modelling and hydraulic research.

Main areas are:

  • Wave modelling
  • Hydraulic Research
  • Renewable energy
  • Port Engineering
  • Metocean statistics
  • Environmental Boundary conditions
  • Spectral Partitioning
  • Master classes
  • Manuals and guidelines
  • QA and project reviews
  • Specialist advice

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The Ocean Cleanup

I am pleased to support  The Ocean Cleanup organisation in optimizing the plastic catching mechanisms in relation to wind waves.


Wave Piloting in the Marshall Islands

Coming month I will continue my research on wave piloting in the Marshall Island. I will visit the NGO Canoes of the Marshall Islands, sail with the OKEANOS in Majuro lagoon and discuss wave piloting and other navigation techniques with local navigation experts. On Oahu and Hawaii (Big Island) I will visit specialized musea and Joe Genz at the University of Hawaii in Hilo.

Wave Piloting In the Marshall Island

On June 19 and 20, 2017, I participated in a workshop on Wave Piloting in the Marshall islands, organised by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies of Harvard University, Cambridge, USA. The four participants were all part of our field trip in June 2015, John Huth (navigation expert at Harvard University), Joe Genz (antropologist of University of Hawaii) and Alson Kelen (navigor in training of WAM, Majuro, Marshall islands).

Our aim, and dream, is to provide scientific support for the revival of the traditional way of sailing in the Marshall islands with outrigger canoes and to train a new generation of navigators.

The Secrets of the Wave Pilots

Read the story of our expedition to the Marshall islands to discover the secrets of the wave pilots which appeared in the New York Times Magazine of 20 March 2016.

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Article on Wave Modelling in the Black Sea

Gerbrant Ph. van Vledder and Adem Akpinar, 2015. Wave Model predictions in the Black Sea: Sensitivity to wind fields. Applied Ocean Research 53, 161-178.


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The Art of Modelling
Any (wave) model approximates reality. This motivates the researcher to improve the model, whereas the user should realize the limitations of the model
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Van Vledder Consulting provides a two-way link between academic developments at universities and the practical implementation thereof in consultancy
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